Jan 12, 2012

A New Place

I like driving. Actually I enjoy it very much. Especially since I live in a po' dunk town like Byron, GA where there is NOTHING to do and where the largest city with any kind of diversified culture is over an hour away. But today I got bored like every day. But today I got bored enough to where I took my camera and I took Otis for a drive to listen to some tunes, to find a good spot to take photos of Otis, and to shake off the boredom that I had been collecting sitting at home doing absolutely nothing constructive. So while driving I passed by a road that I have seen before but never took the time to check out. Well, this evening I just happened to have the time and was bored enough to check it out. I like discovering new things and places. New things and places that have always been there....sometimes long enough to where they are actually old....but we never take the time to look to find them or to notice them. Kind of like this road. Or places to eat. Or hobbies...like photography. I didn't discover photography until I was into my 20's. Now I enjoy the heck out of it. Well this road I discovered today has always been there and it turns out I got some pretty good photos taken on it. Here they are:

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