Dec 26, 2011

Otis Photoshoot

Otis is getting a lot of attention. This is the first actual cool photoshoot that I have done with Otis. In these I am the driver and my bro in law Joe is the photographer. I really like doing little things like this because I get to see my work done on this car in a photo to share with people like you who is reading this and others. I think this photoshoot was very unique because it shows how Otis rides on the highway and it shows the stance of Otis. Here are the photos that came out the best from today. I look forward to doing more photo and video shoots in the near future that I will be able to share and also cherish. Cherish because a lot of work has been done to this car since last February and I think that it is paying dividends. There is more work to be done but I am satisfied with the progress so far.

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