Dec 14, 2011

101st Post - Otis

I don't know if you have ever owned or driven a car that you could say you "love". But I do. I love being able to cruise around town in my hoodride Beetle and the looks that I get from people and that it turns heads. I love the fact that it is slower and lower than probably all of the cars in this general area. I love that it is from the 60's and the technology that went into this car. I love the fact that it suits my taste and that it represents the type of person I am. Otis is a 1965 VW Beetle that was imported from Germany to San Francisco. Otis was purchased from a older lady in San Francisco for my 24th birthday. After doing all of the custom work I think I have a connection to my VW because I actually did the work that it takes to get it look how I wanted and there isn't many people that I know that can say that. The car isn't perfect and there are many flaws compared to a lot of cars out there even old VWs that are just like it. But it is exactly how I want it. It isn't the safest car nor is it the fastest car that I have ever driven (not even close) yet I am probably the happiest when I drive around in it about two inches from the ground. Otis is 46 years old and there are major signs that show its age. Rust here and there and the engine doesn't fire up quick like it used to when it was new. But I love the feeling of riding around town and getting waves from people who see me just because they like my car or they have some type of connection to VW's. I have had many people come up to me when they see Otis and ask what year it is and then they tell me a story about how they use to own one or so and so in their family owned one and how much they enjoyed it. That is what I love. I love the fact that people can look at my car and they have flash backs to a time when they were around a VW like mine. I love the fact that people like what I have done to it. I have taken a regular Beetle and customized it to my own taste and even added some accessories that are from the era of the car. I enjoy taking photos of Otis as well. I want to eventually have some type of video shoot done with it. There are other VWs like it in the area. Probably some that are alot cooler than mine or look a lot better or whatever. But this is my VW and unless I sell Otis (which I hope not) or something happens to it that I can't fix then I will want to keep exactly how it is. People have asked if I am going to paint it. Why? Otis is 46 years old and why not keep that age on it to show the history behind it. Here are some photos that I have recently taken of Otis and how it looks after the work we have done to it.

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