Aug 14, 2011

Still Waters Camp

Only one thing comes to mind about this church camp: "Life Changing". If you didn't believe in God or had doubts of him existing....just being there made you rearrange your thoughts and realize there is a God and that he is very powerful. As for me, it was life changing. It changed my life, along with all the other young people that were there, in a very positive way and has given the right habits that all Christians should have. Life isn't going to get any easier after this. But it has given the tools to make it through to achieve the prize. Nothing is like this place. No where in the world can you get that feeling that you got just being there. If you opened your heart and focused on what was being said and just gave a little effort your life was changed or your outlook on things was different. I had an amazing time and I can't wait to be back at Still Waters.

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