May 21, 2011

This is what I've been up to here recently

I took this out of my 1965 VW Beetle today. This is the front beam that is pretty much the axle of the car. Just imagine the wheels on the left and right side with those rods in the wheels. That's what that is. Well the reason why I have taken this out is to lower my car with a narrowed 6" beam. Pretty much the same thing as this but it has 3" taken off on each side. What this does is gives me more room for larger wheels. Also there some things called "adjusters" on this narrowed beam...I won't go into the science behind it but it is what lowers the front end of the car. Kind of a in depth took me around 4-5 hours to get it out. First time ever getting it out hopefully next time I can cut that time in half.

This is the reason why I took the beam out in the first place....eventually my '65 will look like this Beetle...Low n Slow.

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