Feb 7, 2011

New Inquiry: 1965 Volkswagen Type 1 Beetle

$1500 plus $850 can buy you a retro 1965 VW Beetle from San Francisco.

Bought this from a 60 something year old lady in San Francisco, California. My dad surprised me with it for my birthday. The lady in San Fran had owned it since in 1979. 46 year old car, it shows its age, but it sure is nice to finally have a pre-'67 VW.


  1. Exciting! Looks just like the one I used to drive, the double bumper deal is the best! What happened to the green one? Still on blocks?

  2. Yea it does doesn't it :) I remember when you drove it and you picked me up from the middle school in it. Thats about all I remember from it.

    The green one is running nice...it's just that we have been wanting an older one and we are going to sell the green one and put the money we get from it into the '65.